Decomposing numbers 11-20 using 10 Frames and Base 10 blocks (Printable task cards and digital slides)

Grades K,1,2

Decomposing numbers 11-20 with Ten Frames and Base 10 Blocks helps students deepen their understanding and find relations and strategies that improve their mental math skills. They build a strong foundation s they prepare for subtraction and other operations.

We have created some printable and digital cards to practice decomposing numbers 11-20.

Here are some samples.

Printable Task-Cards

Digital (google slides) cards

Below is the free sample file of printable cards and a free sample of some google slides.

The premium version includes much more!

  • 60 printable cards
  • 2 large matching activities
  • A poster
  • 58 google slides.

Get the premium version here.

How to use the cards

The students can color or place counters on the printable cards to get to the answer. If you don’t have counters you can use any little objects that fit in the circles. Laminating the cards will allow the students to use dry-erase markers and correct mistakes easily and will allow you to use them multiple times.

The digital version allows students to drag the counters and the correct answer. There are 58 slides in the presentation so you might consider making copies with fewer slides at a time.

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