Arrays and Area models Task-Cards (+google slides)

June 30, 2020

Arrays are a great way to introduce multiplication in grade 2 and 3. Playing with arrays will help students model multiplication as repeated addition and understand the properties of multiplication. It is very important that we help students visualize and understand multiplication early on so that we build a strong foundation to support the learning of division, fractions and so much more.


Students need to make connections that will help them gain automaticity with multiplication and division facts. These connections come through a deep understanding of the properties of multiplication.

We have created many printable array task-cards and many digital (google slides version) ones (examples below) to help practice multiplication and its properties.



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Here are the free files to print.

Array task_cards

Get the premium version here

The premium version includes: 45 printable cards and 45 google slides with arrays-multiplication activity task-cards.

Free Array equations worksheets

Free Arrays to cut for games and activities

More games to practice arrays

Array battle

Array Maze

For more fun multiplication facts practice check out our collection of printable and digital activity cards here Activities that promote fluency not memorization.

Multiplication Facts  Activity-cards (Google slides version included)

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