Winter Holidays print and digital Activity cards grades 1,2,3

December 03, 2020

Winter Holidays are coming near. Here are some winter holiday-themed activities for grades 1,2, 3. The activities are in google slides and they include practice and review activities as well as puzzles, riddles, word problems, and more.

How to use the activity cards


The activity cards can be used for revision, warm-ups, discussion, homework, group work, and practice.

The themes of the activities are Santa’s workshop and winter wonderland. The winter wonderland ones can be used after the holidays as well.


Students will practice the following concepts.

  • decomposing numbers (tens and ones)
  • addition
  • subtraction
  • starting with multiplication, arrays
  • place value
  • rounding
  • ordering
  • problem-solving (puzzles)
  • finding patterns
  • starting with division

Below is a sample to get an idea.

Below is a video preview of the task cards collection.

The digital version includes 76 digital activity task cards

The print version includes 75 print task cards

Find the grades 3,4 version here

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