Addition and Subtraction Scales – Task Cards

Grades 1-2

Here are some task- cards to practice addition and subtraction. Start with the simple ones and move to the more challenging ones. Make sure you provide manipulatives for the students to use to solve the problems. I like to give the students a scale and a group of the same objects to place on the scale. We use the same pieces legos, blocks, counters, dice. snap cubes, counting bears, and more. The idea is to see and compare the number of objects on each tray but they enjoy balancing the scale as well. I have this scale and it works really well.

For example, for the card below the students can place 3+6 identical objects on one side of the scale and 5 on the other. Then they keep on adding until the scale balances and until they have the same number of objects on each side. It’s a fun activity to start with and after some time I take away the scale so they can focus on adding and subtracting. I let the students use this scale if they need it.

Here are some samples.

Here is the file to download all the cards

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