Halloween games Addition/Subtraction Numbers 1-100

October 16, 2020

This Halloween activity is for students to practice addition, subtraction, and numbers 1-100. The game board is the table 1-100 and the students move around on the board using dice in the print version and a spinner in the google slides version. There is a multiplication/division version of this game as well. Halloween Activities-multiplication


  • Game board and cards print outs
  • 10 face dice or playing cards (or UNO cards)
  • pencils or whiteboard markers if the cards are laminated

How to play-Game 1

The students take a card each. They take turns rolling the dice. They start at number 1 if you are practicing addition and at 100 if you are practicing subtraction subtraction. Every time they roll they move that many steps forward (addition) or backward (subtraction). They mark the pictures they land on, on their cards like bingo. The first person to mark all the pictures on their card is the winner. If a player lands on a picture that is already marked on their card they just wait for their next turn.


To make the game more challenging the players can roll twice and add or subtract the numbers to get how many steps to move. Then they can move forward or backward from their position to get the picture they need.


How to play – Game 2

To practice place value roll a die for the tens and a die for the ones. Use 10 face dice with the numbers 0-9 or playing cards /uno cards.


Roll two dice one for the ten’s and one for the one’s digits. Find the number. Roll another die and add or subtract to get your final number to mark the picture on your card.

The google slides version works with a spinner instead of dice.

Below is the file to print and the link to the google slides version. The print board comes in A4 size and in two parts to make a bigger board. Cut the two pieces and connect them with transparent tape.

I hope that you find this game useful.

Google slides version

More ideas

Another activity is “the secret number” Halloween edition. The teacher or a student selects a number and gives hints for the class or group to guess it. For example, “My number is a mummy and it has 6 tens.

You can also ask students to write expressions for all the ghosts or all the skeletons, or write one expression for each picture on their card.

I am sure you will come up with more ideas to use the board and the cards. Please share your ideas with us and we will pass them on.

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