Halloween games, puzzles, and other activities

October 15, 2021

For your convenience here are all our Halloween games and activities together to explore.

Halloween Games – Multiplication/Division facts

Halloween Digital Activities- Forming Numbers, Quantities, Number Sense

Halloween Activities-Addition/Subtraction, 2-digit numbers

Halloween Digital Activities- Forming numbers, Quantities, Number Sense

Halloween Humor

Ghost Chase – Addition, subtraction to 20

Ghost Chase game – Positive and Negative integers

Digital Activities- Forming numbers, Quantities, Number Sense (google slides)

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Chicken Escape

A multiplayer card game that makes mental math practice fun! Chicken Escape is a fast-paced multiplayer card game. While playing…

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Dragon Times – A math Adventure card game

Dragon Times is an educational fantasy card game that aims to motivate children to practice multiplication and division facts while…

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