Capture the snow fort-Multiplying decimals by powers of 10-game-freebie

December 08, 2022

Multiplying and dividing decimals by the powers of 10 is the first step in multiplying and dividing decimals. One of the important parts of the decimal system is learning where to move the decimal point or when to attach zeros. When we multiply or divide a decimal or any number by a power of 10 we could be making the number larger or smaller so the decimal could be moving left or right. Multiplying by 0.1 means dividing by 10 and dividing by 0.01 means multiplying by 100. Turning the decimals into fractions before multiplying usually helps the students see the place value changing. The students need to understand how the number becomes 10 times smaller or larger with every move of the decimal. Memorizing the rule is not enough. Conceptual understanding is necessary.

Here is a free multiplayer game for practice. Make sure that your students understand place value and know how to multiply decimals by powers of 10.


The game comes in print and googles slides versions. The students can turn the decimals into fractions to do the calculations and see the place value changing. They can also use a calculator to check their final answers after doing the calculations. The google slides version uses a spinner instead of dice.

When the students work together on this competitive winter-themed game they check each other’s work and correct each other’s mistakes.


Google slides version

I hope that you find the game useful.

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