Solving Linear Equations Practice Games

October 07, 2022

As an extension to our linear equations unit, I have designed a few games to encourage students to do some extra practice. The games are great for practice, review, and self-correction, however, they don’t teach how to solve linear equations. Make sure that your students understand linear equations and the concepts related to them like simplifying expressions, equivalent expressions, isolating the variable, multiplying by the reciprocal, eliminating the denominators, cross-multiplying, and more.

Find an extensive post with resources about Solving Linear Equations along with Expressions and Inequalities below.


Algebra-Simplifying Expressions, Solving Equations and Inequalities

If you are staring with equations and inequalities these scale activities will be useful.


Equations and Inequalities – Balance the scales

When your students have learned the concepts above and are ready for some more practice the games below might come in handy. They are more fun than a worksheet and they allow for self-correction.

Solving Linear Equations Games (3 game-boards)

How to play

The students take turns rolling roll two 6-face dice, one for each column. They can roll 1 dice twice as well, once for each column. They get an expression and a number. They combine the expression and the number they got to make an equation. They solve their equation for x and find the answer on the grid. x=? If their answer is not there they know that they must check their work. Their answer might be in a differenr form. For example, 1/2=0.5 Once they find their answer on the grid they mark it with their color. The first player to get 3 in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally is the winner. If their answer is taken (marked) then they just wait for their next turn. (Bad luck). You can use these boards as multiplayer or single player games or like worksheets with self-correction. I find that when they play in 2 or 3 pairs the students help each other solve the equations and check each others work.


For the game board above the expressions are matched with a number, however in one of the game boards the two columns both include expressions that combine to create equations. Then the students solve for x.

There are 3 different game boards in this resource, 3 levels: 1. simple expression+number, 2. more complicated expressions+number, 3. expression=expression

You can find the first game board for free below

Find all 3 game-boards 3 levels (premium) here

I hope that you find these games useful.

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