Representing numbers using Base 10 Blocks (up to 6 digits) Printable task-cards and interactive slides.

September 13, 2020

We all know how important it is for students to practice representing numbers using Base 10 blocks. Base Ten Blocks provide hands-on ways to learn place value. They help students physically represent numbers so they can develop a deeper understanding of place value and regrouping and trading.


Students should be provided with these great manipulatives and be allowed to spend time to use them in building numbers and understanding the concept. Once they have a chance to “play” with the blocks then they can also use pictures and worksheets or task cards to deepen their understanding.

We have created some printable and digital task-cards to practice place value.


Printable cards samples

Google slides version samples

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The premium version contains many more printable cards and more slides (45 printable cards and 45 interactive slides). It also includes slides that you can easily modify based on what your students need to practice.

How to use the cards

There are three kinds of google slides. At the first level, the students are asked to place the blocks in a table that provides visual help. At the second level there is no table so the students can place the blocks in any order. Make sure to explain to the students that there are many different ways to represent a number. for example, a thousand can be replaced by 10 100s, and so in. Ask them to try different ways ( you can duplicate the slides as many times as you need). At the third level the students are asked to write the number represented by the blocks. The cards are ordered by the level of difficulty as in the last cards the blocks are not placed in order.

I have provided one slide of each kind without the question/number in case you would like to add (text) your own numbers. They are saved as templates.

The last slide is for the students to play with the blocks and try different combinations.

We have also created a free digital game called “Build a number” that encourages students to represent numbers with the base ten blocks digitally and provides instant feedback.

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