Multiplication Facts mini-games.

Grades 3 and up

Players 1-4

Multiplication facts, multiples, factors, division

More games for practicing multiplication facts? Why not? More fun games more students engaged and learning. These simple games can be played as multiplayer games or single-player games. The players practice one table at a time by trying to get as many multiples as they can before they run out.


  • Print out of the game-boards
  • A 12 face dice. Learn how to build your own here or a deck of playing cards to draw from. Numbers 1-10+ a queen and a king for 11 and 12.
  • Color pensils, one for each player or whiteboard markers is the game board is laminated.


Depending on how long you want the game to last the goal can be: 1.Color/mark the most tiles to win the game. 2. For a shorter game, the first to color/mark 10 or 12 tiles wins, 3. For an even shorter game the first player to color/ mark four in a row, or a full row, or full column is the winner.

How to play:

The players take turns rolling the one 12 face dice or drawing a card. They multiply that number with the number in the middle (the table they are practicing) and color the answer (multiple). They may not color over an already colored tile. If the multiple is colored they wait for their next turn. Depending on how long you need the game to be select a goal:

The winner is the one

  • That colors the most tiles.
  • That colors 10 tiles.
  • That colors a row or a column.
  • That colors four in a row.

Make sure to provide a multiplication table for the students to confirm their answers and get help if they need it. It makes the game fun for all, low floor high ceiling.

Here are the pdfs to download and print or use virtually. I will include JPEG to use in google slides.

I use the game boards in google drawings when virtually teaching. Students can share a document and each can edit to mark their answers. You can use a digital dice as well or a spinner . This can be done with all the print to play games.

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