Build your own Dice!

Lately, we have been sharing a lot of free print to play games to practice different math skills. Most of them require dice, some of them 10 or 12 face ones. I realize that many of you might not have the dice, especially the 10 and 12 side ones. You can find them in many stores and they are available on amazon. However, with the current situation regarding shopping outings and with orders online arriving late we thought that it might be helpful to share some templates to build the dice yourself. It could be a fun activity to do with the kids.

I am sharing the templates for 6, 10 and 12 side dice with the numbers and without. Blank templates can be used for your own custom games, or you could write activities/names on them as a fun way to choose what to play next or who will be the first to play.

Blank dice are useful for writing multiple options that cannot be expressed only by numbers like in Racing Wheels , the Great Escape and Crazy Bingo .

Print the dice on card stock for better results.


  1. Cut out the template.
  2. Fold along the inside lines.
  3. Put glue on one tab or join with transparent tape. We found that small pieces of tape worked better.
  4. Assemble the dice.

The final dice should look like this.

Some of ours. We came pretty close.

Check out “Dragon Times” a multiplication math adventure game.


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