Block it! Google slides version.

October 05, 2020

Block it! is one of our most popular print to play and digital games. The coded, digital game is great for two players/groups but doesn’t allow more than that. As per your request, I have created a version of block it! for google slides for a single player and more than two players game. This version works with a spinner instead of a dice. You click the spinner to open a tap on mathcurious site to use the spinner. Two spinners are provided, the basic and the challenge.



The players take turns spinning the spinner. (Click the link under a spinner to open a new tap and use the spinner.) They mark (with their color)  a tile-based on the spinner indication (For example, Multiple of 6, Even, and so on) trying to get four in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

The players can mark tiles to block the opponents from making four in a row. 


The wild spin allows a player to mark any tile on the table.

If you would like a more challenging game use the second (challenge) spinner where you will need to mark numbers that share two factors.

The first player to get four in a row is the winner, or if you would like a longer game the player with the most four in a row at the end is the winner.

Here is the link to the free google slides version.

Block it! digital 2 players

Block it! digital single-player

print to play version

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