Missing Numbers and Twisted Multiplication Tables activity cards (+google slides)

Many interesting and fun activities can be done on the multiplication table for the students to discover patterns, find relations and make connections. This will help them gain fluency and automaticity with the multiplication and division facts. Filling in the missing numbers on the multiplication table is one of my favorite activities because it takes away the stress of memorization and encourages students to solve problems by finding stepping stones, and by using strategies and connections. I start with smaller tables 5×5, 6×6 and gradually move to the 10×10 and 12×12.

Once the students are very familiar with the multiplication table and its patterns, I introduce the Twisted Multiplication tables with missing numbers. The twisted multiplication tables are mixed up tables that have missing multiples and factors. To solve the twisted tables the students need to do multiplication and division and also figure out which problems they can solve first with the given information. The twisted time tables are more like puzzles and I find that students enjoy solving them.

The activity cards I am sharing today are 8×8, 10×10, and 12×12 missing-numbers multiplication tables as well as twisted time tables with missing numbers. The activities come in a print and digital version.

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I use these activity cards as warm ups, escape rooms, puzzles, centers, timed group competitions, for assessment, practice and more.

I have included the missing numbers tiles even in the print version because it gives the students a chance to self-correct by crossing out the numbers they used already. The google slides version includes the solutions for the same reason.

Here are some free printable activity cards.

The premium version includes 2 8×8, 2 10×10, 2 12×12 basic missing numbers tables and 4 twisted time tables in print and digital form.

Get the premium version here

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