April 13, 2020

Puzzles sharpen our brains and teach us perseverance. They enhance our problem-solving skills as we are challenged to think and create strategies.

Try these puzzles with your children or students.


Please share your answers and your favorite puzzles with us.



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Some solutions

1x (2+3) x 4 x 5 – (6-7-8+9) =100

(1+2+3+4+5+6+7 )+ (8×9) = 100

(1×2)+(3×4) x 5+(6+7+8+9)=100

This puzzle ( a bit modified) is from Fibonacci’s book, Liber Abaci. Fibonacci was a great Italian mathematician who lived in the 13th century.

More about Fibonacci here

Hint: Tree diagram


7 women + 49 horses + 343 + children + 2401 sacks + 16807 loaves + 117649 olives

137 256 on the way to Rome


On the other side of 3 is the circle. In the first arrangement, the 3 appears with the triangle and square cards. This leaves the circle as the shape on the other side on the 3 card.

There are 6 different ways for the Binions to sit in their spaceship. Explained more here: Factorial

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