Nomber Man – Digital Math Game – Factors, Multiples

October 18, 2021

Today I would like to share a new fun digital game to practice factors, multiples, division, and multiplication facts. This game is called “Nomber Man” and is a puzzle/maze game. The players need to create a path through the maze while avoiding the traps. The difficulty level increases as you play and the mazes get more complicated.

The game can be played on computers and tablets. The students can use the number keys and the arrow keys to select factors and move. They can also select numbers and move by touching the screen for tablets.


How to play

The Gombers have stolen Nomber Man’s fruit and escaped into the mysterious blocks! Help him get his fruit back without being captured by the Gombers! Use your bombs (factors) to destroy the blocks and make a path to the fruit. Remember, the block will only break if the bomb you place is a factor of the number (multiple) of the block. The number you select will break all the blocks around you that are multiples of that number. (not diagonally) Select your factors wisely. The Gombers are hiding in the red blocks. If you break a red block you set the Gombers free and they will attack. Every time you place a bomb you need to run away from it to avoid being hit.

Try the game for free here.

Watch the video to get an idea of the game.


The full version comes with unlimited levels. The game increases in difficulty as you play.

Find the free demo and full version below.

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