Station Prime – A Prime Factorization Game

September 21, 2021

Today I would like to share with you an arcade-style math game that helps to practice prime factorization, divisibility rules, division, multiplication, mental math, and more. If you have seen our collection of web games you know that my son (now 13) is the coder behind the games. Our games are usually more visual, low floor high ceiling type. This time I agreed to design and share an arcade retro-style game since he really wanted to create one for math and many students like them. I have the feeling that more of this type are coming your way:)

The game can be played on computers and tablets however it is hard to play on the phone. You should be able to check out the game on your phone if you click the link and use landscape mode but the controls will be too small.


In this game, you are a brave Binion that has to make his way through falling asteroids and shoot them before they reach its planet. Every asteroid carries a number. You need to shoot with the correct prime factor of that number and divide to reduce the size of the asteroid. If the asteroid hits you, or you shoot with the wrong factor you lose a life. (mind the life bar) you can use the number keys for factors 2,3,5,7 and the key arrows to move left and right or just use the buttons on the screen. The game is played in 3 levels. The speed of the game increases and the numbers get bigger as the levels go up. The final challenging level of the game “Boss Fight” is coming soon.

You can try the game below or use this link Station Prime to open the game in a new tab and share it with your students.


We would love to know what you think of this game and if it was helpful. Another tool-manipulative type version coming soon.

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