Multi-Trap – multiplication facts, multiples, factors

January 27, 2021

The Binions are back for more adventures this time in a new game to practice multiplication and division facts, multiples, and factors. The game is an extension of the Multiplication Mission resource below.

The game is played in two ways and it comes in print and googles slides version.

How to play- Basic and challenge, Multiples and factors

Goal: Be the first Binion to escape the Multi-Trap


The players choose their Binion Avatar and get a colored pencil of the Binion’s color. They take turns rolling 12 face dice. Once they roll their number they find a multiple of the number on the board and they color it. The goal is to be the first Binion to escape the Multi-Trap by making/coloring a path of connected tiles from one side of the board to the other. Your path should start from a grey tile on the left side and end on a grey tile on the right side. (The grey tiles need to be colored as well) The players need to also block the opponents from finishing first by coloring tiles that come in their path. However, you can only color one grey tile at the start and one at the end. This rule was added later when while testing the game with my son the first thing he did was to color all the end tiles with his color.

The players can use the multiplication table for help. While looking for the multiples on the table they discover common multiples and practice the facts without even knowing. Take this opportunity to talk about factors, multiples, common factors, common multiples, strategies, and more.


Roll the dice twice at every turn and find a common multiple of the two numbers that you rolled. The game will be slower but much more fun.

If you don’t ‘have 12 face dice you can use playing cards or uno cards. Use the king and queen as 11 and 12 and the extra cards as 10,11,12 in UNO. The players draw a card for each turn.

The google slides version of the game uses a spinner instead of dice.

We hope you enjoy the game.

Find the print files and the free google slides version below.

Free Google slides version

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