May 04, 2020

The MathCurious team members are serious Star Wars fans, and since today is May the Fourth, we would like to share a Star Wars-themed math game for some fantasy math practice.

The story:


Goal: Be the first player to get to the Ancient Holocron and win for your team.


  • print-out board
  • 1 dice (10 face or 12 face ) Learn how to build your own did here.
  • Place markers for the players to mark their spots.

How to play:

Choose your character. Choose your side. Are you a Rebel or an Empire fighter?

The players take turns. At their turn, the players roll the dice two times.

The first dice roll tells them how many steps they can move (moving capacity). The second dice roll tells them where they can actually land (they have to find a number in their moving capacity.)

For the second dice roll, each number roll is assigned to a number feature. It is all written on the Jedi scrolls.

There are two Jedi scrolls. Choose one based on the grade level and adjust it according to the skill level and dice used or make your own with your choice of number features for the rolls. If you decide to build your own dice you can write the number features on the dice itself.

Jedi scroll 1 Grades 1-3

Jedi scroll 2 Grades 3 and up


If a player is on number 55 and they rolled a 7 on the first dice roll this means they can move 7 steps (moving capacity). They can go up to 62. The second dice roll will tell them which of these numbers 56-62 they can actually stop/land at. If the second dice roll is 10, they need to land on a multiple of 10 (between 56-62) so they can land on 60. If there are more than one numbers in your moving capacity that match the second dice roll you can choose the one that gets you further.

However, if you pass the opponents’ base. (orange if you are Empire, grey if you are Rebel) you must challenge an opponent player (Empire character if you are Rebel, Rebel character if you are Empire) to a dice battle. Roll the dice once and look at the Jedi scroll. The player that is on a number that matches the roll based on the Jedi scroll gets to play again (move forward). If they both have a matching number or none of them has a matching number they both stay where they are.

Below are the game board and the Jedi scrolls to print and the google slides version of the game.

Google slides version

Good luck! May the force be with you!

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