Fractions Card Games

March 19, 2020

We all know that in order to be able to solve equivalent fractions problems students should understand multiplication and division well and know their multiplication and division facts. However, my experience has shown me that children are successful in understanding these concepts when they have a lot of practice with visual resources. For example, students can better understand how 1/4 is equivalent to 3/12 and 4/16 by looking at these fractions as part of the same shape.

In today’s post, I would like to introduce a card game that will help students practice equivalent fractions. It is a simple multiplayer card game played with fraction cards for students to play at home or at school. You can download some of the cards below.


The card collection includes, 87 fraction cards, 12 CHANGE cards, 5 SKIP cards, 4 MAGIC CARDS and the instructions to the 2 games.


The game can be played in two ways.

Game 1 – Fraction Match

Game 2 – Fraction Four

I recommend printing on card stock paper and laminating the cards after cutting them to last longer.

The fraction cards from the game can be used in many ways. They can be useful as:

  • An instruction tool.
  • A visual resource for solving equivalent-fractions problems.
  • A visual resource for comparing-fractions problems.
  • A tool for a group or pair activity.

Instruction Tool

Teacher and parents can use the cards to explain the concept of equivalent fractions. They can ask the students to sort the cards in groups of equivalent fractions. Begin with a smaller number of cards.

Visual Resource

The students can use the cards as a visual resource to help them solve equivalent fraction problems and comparing fraction problems. You can also practice addition and subtraction. I have laminated the cars and we can draw on them to practice division and multiplication.

Group Activity

You can ask a group or pair of students to arrange the cards based on the part they show. (each student can take one group)
Once they group them you can ask them why they grouped them like that, discuss the concept and ask them to find more fractions for each group. Play a memory game. Select pairs that make 1, or pairs that are equivalent, mix them up and the players choose 2 at a time.

We hope you find the fraction cards useful and enjoy the games. I am sure you will find more ways to use the cards and more games to play. We would love to hear your ideas.

More fraction worksheets and ideas in our previous post.


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