Comparing Fractions Game-Multiplayer

July 24, 2022

A game for comparing fractions was missing from our collection so here it is. This is a simple racing game that requires students to compare fractions and recognize equivalent ones.

The students can use the fraction bars to compare the fractions (included) or other strategies such as

  • Comparing both to 1/2, 0 or 1. Are the fractions greater than 1/2? For example which one is greater 5/7 or 2/5? 5/7 is greater than 1/2.
  • Finding the equivalent one that is easier to compare. For example which one is greater 3/4 or 7/8? 3/4 is equivalent to 6/8 so 7/8 is greater.
  • Using Number Line Models. Subdividing a unit length on a number line in order to compare two fractions. Number lines are agreat way to assess the students’ understanding of fractions.
  • Using Area Models. Using Circles, squares, and rectangles are popular ways for subdividing in order to compare fractions.
  • Using LCM to compare fractions if your students are ready. For example, to compare 2/7 and 4/9, I can use the LCM 63 so 2/7 will be rewritten as 18/63, and 4/9 will be rewritten as 28/63. 4/9 is greater.
  • Cross Multiplication. This one is highly debated. I think students can use this method once they have understood LCM, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions. According to this method if the product of the first numerator and the second denominator is greater than the product of the second numerator and the first denominator, then the first fraction is greater than the second.

How to play

The players take turns rolling the dice. The player that lands on the greater fraction rolls and moves again. (extra turn) Then all the players roll and move again. The first player to reach/pass the finish line wins. Equivalent fractions are included on the board.


There is an opportunity for great discussions with this game as the players help each other figure out which fraction is greater and use different strategies.

Below is the game board and the fraction bars sheet to download.

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