Decimal Escape

Grades 3 and up

Decimal fractions, decimals.

It seems that this week will be all about decimals, and decimal fractions.

Similar to Fraction Escape, Decimal Escape can be played as a single-player or multiplayer game. The goal is to land on three equivalent tiles to escape the rooms. The tiles help the students to visually match the equivalent decimals and decimal fractions so that they practice and understand. It gives teachers and parents an opportunity to explain, clear misconceptions, and even do a little assessment.


  • One 6 face dice
  • Print out of the game-board
  • Pencil and paper
  • A place marker for each player.

There are two rooms to escape from. The small inner one and the bigger outer one. The players take turns rolling the dice. You must land on and mark 3 equivalent tiles to escape each room. (For example, 0.20=0.2=20/100) On your first roll, you start from any corner of the inner room. You can move your place marker in any direction around the room. Once you roll and move and you land on a tile you like, you can mark it with your initial. ( or just note it down on a paper) On your next roll, you can move your place marker (from where you are at) in any direction to find an equivalent tile to the one you have marked. If you get lucky and land on one, you mark it, and now you ‘ve’ got two tiles. If not, then stay where you landed and wait for your next turn. Once a player marks a tile, the other players cannot mark it. Once you mark 3 equivalent tiles you escape the room and you can move to the next bigger one. In the next room, you start from any corner as well.

If you are playing as a single player you can set a timer and see if you can escape in that time.

You can use this game to play digitally by using the game board on a tablet.

You can play during a zoom meeting by sharing your screen with the students.

You can use the game boars as an activity/task-card and ask the students to find the matching tiles.

Here is the game board to download. I suggest laminating it for longer use. I sometimes give these games to my students for homework to play with a parent or sibling. You can also use it as a math station.

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